Aaron Bergquist

Aaron Bergquist

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First Name * Aaron
Last Name * Bergquist
Username * Bergquist
Country * USA
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website www.Bergquist3D.com


  • Full Sail University Bachelors of Science in 3D Comptuer Animation


I've always been a little out there...

Everyday growing up, I tuned into the same bat channel, at the same bat time.
My head was swimming with evil villains, scary creatures, and amazing super
heroes. Each one begging me to draw them.

The years passed on as the motto rang out, I don't want to grow up; I'm a
toys R us kid! ..so it happened.

Here I am at 29 years old, and Spider Man is still amazing! I still day dream
about my next quest into the dragon's lair, and find myself asking questions like
Who wants to be the healer for our BFD run?

Amongst it all, the characters and fantasy, reality pokes through and reminds
me how good it is to be alive. It’s the best feeling ever to look back on a days work and
not only feel accomplished but to truly love the art you’ve made.

I could not have found a better outlet to express my creativity, than the one that
exists today in the world of 3D.